When words become close to your heart

From a very young age I knew that I wanted to be a mother, I love babies and could not wait for my own.

Then at 20 I fell pregnant. I was pertified but at the same time I knew that it was saving my life. Teaching me to grow up and that there was more to life. Dylan was born two months before I turned 21 and then a mere 11 months later I was pregnant again… with twins! My life was changed forever. Although I always counted it as a blessing, three little treasures that keep me alive, make me wake up every day and face the world.

Last year I joined a fertility forum (they had a few twin mom’s on there) and that was when I realised just how truly blessed I am to have three bundles of joy. I always knew that there were women who battled to have children but until I formed friendships with girls who first hand went through it, and some who still are, I guess I never thought much of it.

That is when the words ‘Trying to Concieve’ became close to my heart.

I take my life for granted (not always, but I do). I take my kids for granted and the fact that I fell pregnant so easily and had two hassle free pregnancies. I take their health for granted. All until I became a part of the fertility forum and formed friendships with women who never gave up on the dream to be a parent, to the one’s who battled for years and finally realised their dreams, to the one’s who are still trying and to the one’s that (despite all their years of wanting) have “given up” on that dream… “given up” is not the right term I am looking for though, and I cannot think of how to word it, perhaps accepting that somethings are not meant to be? That still puts a dagger in my heart… I am sure that you know what I mean though.

I pray for each and everyone of you gorgeous ladies. For long life. For adoption’s. For the miracle of conception. For your dreams to be realised.

To those I have met…

Adéle, Michéle, Benita, Irene, Eileen

And to those I have not met… yet

Erdna, Melanie, Meezie, Nikki, Marthie, Megs, Tarryn, Vanessa, Chantalle, Jahni.

Marts would like a girl and Meezie twins. Let us all stand together and pray for each and every single lady. Known and Unknown. Each of you ladies has touched my life and made me realise what I have to be gratreful for in terms of my boys and I thank you for that.


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  1. Irene says:

    Stunning post – I have goosebumps…
    I pray right along with you that our special friends are blessed just like we have been blessed.


  2. Erdna says:


  3. Nikki says:

    Beautiful and so true.

  4. Megan says:

    Oh honey, I too didn’t walk such a long journey with ttc, and i too had a relatively “eventless” pregnancy, and I too do sometimes take this all for granted. Thanks for reminding me how lucky I actually am….. beautiful post!!! xx

  5. Meezie says:

    Omw C, I was in tears when I read this and as I am typing this tears are rolling down my face just knowing I have such wonderful friends who is always there for me and supports me through every step of this difficult journey. It’s friends like you and the rest of the ladies that makes this journey just a bit easier! Thank You for being You (All of You) I am truly Blessed.

  6. Sarah says:

    :) this was really sweet. i can’t really relate because i am not a mother, nor am i at a place in my life just yet that i’m trying to have children, but i understand how difficult it must be for a woman who wants a child and is struggling to make it happen.

    one of my favorite blogs is run by a girl that had a very hard time getting pregnant, but now has a little boy.. she wrote a beautiful post on mother’s day.. here it is if you would like to read it: http://www.natthefatrat.com/2011/05/mothers-day-manifesto.html (maybe you already know her blog? she’s pretty funny too hehe)

  7. Marthie says:

    Sooooo beautiful! Thanks my friend. xxx

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