A memory is always worth it

I know that any parent will relate so perfectly to this.

The day that you wake up and decide that there is no time like right now to create a perfect memory with your children. So you are full of beans, wake the little munchkins up *mistake number one* and tell them of the great adventures that await. Only they do not share your joy in being dragged out of bed with excitement. You feel despondent but decide to carry on, you are sure that it can only get better. That once they see the excitement they will get over the initial grumpy state and share the feelings you do.

You then try convince them to get into the car *mistake number two*… they fight this, kicking and screaming, ‘I don’t want to get in the car’. Largely because they would rather stay indoors and watch tellie. Typical human behaviour that, we always want what we can’t have. On any other day they would be begging to go outdoors but not today. Not when you have a great adventure all planned out. Why would they? They want to be cooped up, right? I mean really now.

Eventually the screaming and protesting subsides and the curiosity sets in… and then the questions, the never-ending questions. Where we are going? Will we like it? Who will be there? Is there a pool? Are there jungle gyms? Are we there yet? And slowly you realise that you have, after all, done the right thing and you know that this day will be worthwhile and the memories will last. Hopefully just the memory of the awesome day that is ahead and not the memory of how it started out.

When I think back to my childhood I don’t recall tantrums and yet I know that there were many. I recall the fun that we had as a family, or just Mom and I. I remember the never-ending adventures. The games that were played, the ice creams that were consumed and the endless hours spent building memories. Memories that I will never forget. And I am loving the fact that I have three boys to make memories with!!

Viva Memories x


3 Comments Add yours

  1. shannhermie says:

    Like us, they will only remember the fun adventures, not the tiredness that starts and ends the day… it’s the middle bit, the icing inbetween that make the memories ;) xx

  2. settoncrew says:

    I love that, the icing inbetween… so very true :)

  3. Megan says:

    Oh yes, life indeed is made out of memories. And hopefully the good ones will always overshadow the bad ones. xx

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