Thankful Thursday: To Life

This past week has been a rather exciting one, starting with Sunday 22 May… 50 years of life celebrated – My awesome MOM!!

Then on Monday my friend Renée became a first time Aunt when Max Kieren entered the world.

And then came Tuesday, the birth of Hannah Fourie, another gorgeous second cousin for me.

Life is what we make of it and this past week has certainly been a reminder that I am truly blessed. Blessed with the people that surround me – those close and far. Blessed with new life and old lives celebrated. Blessed with health. Blessed with a roof over my head and a meal for each passing day. Blessed with warmth on chilly winter nights. Blessed with running water and electricity. Blessed with a family – a close one at that. Blessed with a job.


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  1. ah so many cute little babies! :) happy birthday to your mom! and i hope you have a great weekendddd!

    1. settoncrew says:

      I love cute little babies :):). Thanks for Mom’s wishes and hope the weekend has been wonderful your side of the world xxx

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