Friday to Tuesday :)

This is what happens when I decide not to blog everyday… it falls away, I get slack and keep putting it off until tomorrow. Procrastination aint got nothing on this Setton girl.

Friday was a quiet and peaceful night as I was so ill and listless. Tonsillitis yet again. And this darn cough that I cannot seem to shake. Thankfully the boys were good and a little understanding that sometimes, just sometimes, Mom is allowed to be sick and they are allowed to be well-behaved on such occasions.

Saturday we were supposed to go see Baby Hannah, the boys are craving a new-born as much as me so they were a little upset that we could not make it but again understanding that I was still a little sick. We also had to cancel a playdate in the park, man how I hate the nasty bugs that creep into our systems and take away all the fun for fear of spreading germs. Although I was still feeling a little sick, I was excited for what the night had in store.

Mom time. Barnyard fun time. I love the theatre in any shape and form… the Barnyard is particularly enjoyed because of it’s fun nature and participation from the audience. We went to watch Absolute 80’s and I really enjoyed it, despite being told not to hold my breathe. Or maybe because of that, like I was expecting the worst and got blown away by great South African talent!

Sunday I decided to treat the boys to Wimpy breakfast. Secretly I know that they will love playing together and that means I get to enjoy a lovely hot cup of coffee. In peace. Great start to the day. Jeff and Sebastian joined us and we ended up doing a whole lot of shopping and eating. The we went back to Jeff and Granny called on Skype to see her boys, that was so much fun. Now Jeff’s daughter is in China teaching English and she calls on Skype all the time… so the boys asked what Granny was doing in China, that was so funny… and ever so cute.

Sunday was the day for rest in most ways. My mom is doing her Honours this year through Unisa… that means lots of studying and also the do not disturb sign that gets hung up. But we managed to kidnap her for some coffee at the nursery which has an awesome play area for the kids… double Sunday score.

Monday was back to the reality of super cold mornings, work and school. My friend Kooksie posted some Fire Engine pictures on her FaceBook and this was my comment, “The Setton Boys favourite thing to see… I will have to show them just how cool Auntie Pome is seeing one from her bedroom window!!” – and with that Kooksie sent them to me on BBM for me to show the boys. So I show them. Oh my soul, they would not leave me alone, kept asking to see the cool fire engines that Aunty Pome (sorry Kooks, it has stuck) sent for them. I needed to find a distraction. And fast. SO… I thought that I would record them saying thank you and send it to her, well they loved that too and three videos down the line (with loads of takes) I finally convinced them that tomorrow was another day. And have let Kooksie know that she may be getting bombarded with cute little boys talking to her on video more often.

Tuesday meant a parent-teacher meeting at the school to find out what the little rascals get up to while I am at work. Now I must say that I was pretty blown away. Dylan’s teacher is THRILLED with him, said that he is the only one that retains info for weeks on end and he always knows the answers to her questions… uhm, he is five, he knows the answers to anything in life, hahaha. Jason & Grant truly amazed me with the work that they have been doing, sneeky little buggers had me convinced that they could not colour, total lie that, they are both excellent!!

I hate talking about them as a unit but they are pretty much on the exact same level right now so it is easier. Forgive me boys. Mom know’s your individuals. They need to work on cutting and number recognition. Otherwise teacher was happy with them too, said that they are active and take part in class but can be very shy at times.

That’s all from the Setton’s for now… thanks Boys for making me one proud Mamma.


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  1. shannhermie says:

    Ah, bless! Great to hear how well the boys are doing at school!

    I’m NOT happy about this whole Aunty POME thing though! Next time I see them, I’m going tell them that Aunty POME was sorry that she couldn’t visit but she sent me, Aunty SHANN instead :P

    Apart from the ill part, it sounds like you’ve had a good few days and sometimes it’s okay to leave the blog for awhile and just enjoy the simplicities of life ;)

    Love and big hugs to you all – make sure you squeeze the boys extra tight for me, for doing so well at school!

    xxx x

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