Thankful Thursday

These are my top gratitudes for the day:

1. Working half day – totally rocks my world! The improvement in my boys is phenominal, so blessed and grateful to have been given the chance to experience this.

2. My friends – I do not know what I would do (or be) without the awsome friends that I have in my life, thay keep me sane, help me see things rationally and support me in everything that I do… obviously this works as a give and take relationship.

3. My children – the three lights of my life. They give me the will and the strength to face each and every day. They help me to re-find the magic that exists in day-to-day living, things that are overlooked by most adults until seen through the eyes of a child.

4. Endless possibilities. They exist. I have been blind. But now, my eyes have been opened and there are many adventures waiting out there… watch this space, greatness to follow!!

Be blessed. Be thankful.


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