Things I Love Most…

About Watching My Boys Grow

* They remind me to find the beauty and pleasure in the simple things of life
* They show me that love is really all you need for happiness (love in friendship, family and perhaps that special one)
* They remind me that a simple hug cures most pain
* They show me the lighter side of life
* They remind me what unity between family should be – I feel sorry for anyone who gives one of the boys trouble – they have each other’s backs

I get to go on merry-go-round’s, down slides, on swings. I get to feed the ducks, visit the zoo and hang out at the park in the fresh air and sunshine. I get to run around the garden surrounded by laughter. I get daily cuddles, kisses and I love you’s – all three times over.

I love the silly things that they come up with, the one’s that are so random they make me kill over with laughter and then want to eat them up – bless their imaginations. I love that each one of my boys has such a unique personality, and they are not afraid of that, they embrace their differences.

I love the way that they want to learn so much and never stop asking questions. I love the love that they have for the people who I love – and when they don’t I have learnt to trust their sixth sense that kids seem to have – because those tend to be the people who hurt me in life. And I love that I learn so much from them (even if I pretend that I never knew bee’s could sting), they are never afraid to share their knowledge and gain new knowledge along the way, enquiring minds is an understatement.

I love that they find comfort in me as their mother. I love that they trust me and I pray that they always will. I love that we can have so much fun together and yet they know and respect my rules.

I love watching the way they light up a room, the joy that the bring my Gran – how blessed we are to have her. I love that they are the world’s greatest friends and how they stand together. They may fight like mad (almost killing each other) but then all is forgotten and the fun goes on.

I love tucking them in at night and the million kisses that goes with it. I love sneaking into their room when they all sleeping just to steal that one last kiss from those precious lips.

There are hundreds of other things but this sums it up a little.

15 March 2006 and 18 October 2007 – my life was blessed. Never to be the same again. But oh so much BETTER.

Setton Boys, you rock my world. I love each one of you more than I could ever explain.


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  1. shannhermie says:

    “A parent’s love is whole no matter how many times divided”
    You are a true example of this my Kooksie.

    If you are as good a mom as you are a friend then your children are truly blessed!… and you are the bestest friend ever, which speaks volumes for your parenting – your boys are just a reflection of the wonderful person that you are :) xxx x

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