Another SMILE acronym:


This is so true to my life. I have been a single mother for three years, seven months and one week. I don’t actually keep track, I just calculated that now. The time frame is irrelevant really, in the bigger picture of things. The point is, that without the miracles that exist in my life, I would never have taken the leap of faith into raising my boys by myself. It was scary but oh so liberating at the same time. Without the miracles of family and friends, I would never have survived the past three years, seven months and one week. Thank you to each and every one of you that has been there for me, been there for my boys and helped us realise our dreams and appreciate the miracles that are you and me and the miracles that surround us everyday.

Last night I wished that my Nono was here to meet my boys, I know that he would have loved them and been so proud that they carry his name. And then the strangest thing happened… I felt him in my presence. He was there. He was letting me know that this too shall pass. He was letting me know that although he may be in Heaven, he is still here with us, smiling down and protecting us. I was a little freaked out. So, I sms’d my Mom. Take a seat for this one. She called me and said that she too has been feeling his presence – that is just plain awesome. Nono, I love you. And I miss you so much. Now that I know you are so close, I feel relieved in some way but still wish that you had met the boys in flesh.


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