I am all for change. In fact I love and embrace change. It truly can be as good as a holiday.

The only time that I do not like change is when it comes so suddenly and hurts so bad. This kind of change holds no explanation. No real reason that I am aware of. And yet, it is there. In my face. And hurting because it is unexplained and the communication that was so great and a friendship that seemed unbreakable had vanished. Just like that.

I am left assuming… and my assumptions are not good. I may be right. I may be horribly wrong. But if there are no words spoken then I am left to figure this all out in my own head, with my own reasons. I feel betrayed by someone who I thought would be there no matter what. One thing happened and then *BOOM* just like that – hearts were hurt and communication was cut. Although I am in many ways hurt I know that friendship should not be conditional and life must go on.

Maybe one day there will be a conversation with said person and I will understand why things are the way that they are… until then I carry on with life and try not to assume the worst.


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  1. shannhermie says:

    I’m so sorry you have been hurt by someone you believed to be a friend… but if they were a true friend, they wouldn’t have just walked away like that and therefore they are not worthy of your friendship!

    You are the bestest, most awesomest friend and you deserve better than that! :) xxx x

  2. Mandri says:

    Hugs my friend!

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