Let the positive vibes shine

I am on a mission this year, a mission to surround myself with all things positive… I have been doing well on this mission so far and I have so much to look forward to.

I finally got my tattoo after three years, it is a butterfly with the boys’ names on. I love it.

My Bestest Friend, Kooksie is coming home for a while this year. What a treat. I simply cannot wait.

I have formed a great new friendship with MommyFlea and I cannot wait to meet her, hopefully in May if all goes according to plan.

I get to enroll Dylan into ‘big school’ as he enters Grade 1 next year – this is bitter-sweet. He is so excited to be learning to read and write this year, his enthusiasm is amazing.

Over the December holiday I made the most amazing friends, we have formed such a solild group and I am thriving off their energy and the many late nights that we spend together.

I feel like my Mom and I took our relationship to a whole new level of deepness. I realised that I can be there for her as she has always been there for me.

These are the top few things that are rocking my world right now :)


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