Childhood Cancer Awareness

Today is International #childhoodcancerawareness Day. Today 46 kids will be diagnosed, 7 will die.

Cancer has always, unfortunately, been quite a large part of my life.

I detest Cancer with all my might. It makes me question life. It makes me cry. It rips me up inside.

No mother should ever have to hear that their nine-year old son has Cancer. I have cried many tears over Cancer in my family. And this one hit hard… my nephew. My gorgeous, healthy nephew. I saw him two weeks ago and he was smiling, playing with my boys, being a kid. And now this. My sister said that he still looks so healthy that it is hard to believe just how sick he is. He has a Synovial Sarcoma Tumour in his upper thigh. They are still testing to see what is the best way forward for him.

Imagine having to sit down with your son and explain what chemo is going to do to him? How sick he is going to be? That he will miss out on school and playing with his friends?

Greg, be strong my love. We are all standing beside you as we find the way forward. We continue to pray for a miracle and trust that one will be passed onto you. You have so much of your life left to live.

And to my dear sister… I pray for your strength too. This is the most traumatic thing for any parent to have to face. I know that you are trying to be so strong for Greg but know that it is ok to be weak at times and tears are a great release.

My only plea is to anyone and everyone who reads this: Please, religious or not, say a prayer for Greg. He needs a miracle.


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  1. shannhermie says:

    I will be praying for Greg, for your sister and her family, for you and your family, for anyone and everyone who is facing this same traumatic experience, wether that be directly or indirectly!

    Big hugs and much love to all
    xxx x

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