Day 1 – A photo of yourself and a description of how your day was.

Me... in a day of glamour

Today has been a hard day. But ‘This to Shall Pass’.

I am trying so hard to remain positive. To see that good things come to those who wait. But I will be honest, because this is my space, I am really battling with life at the moment. I am battling to understand why things are the way that they are. I find myself asking ‘why me?’ a little more than I should. I know that I have so much to be grateful for, and I am grateful for what I have and the help that I get from my family. I guess that this is the dip, the bottom of the mountain and I am really struggling to see the light, the summit.

Ok, whine over.


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  1. Kooksie says:

    You’re allowed to have your dips – it makes the peaks that much sweeter! “This too shall pass” is a good way to look at it and it will pass, in time.

    Big hugs and much love
    xxx x

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