Life… As I know it !

Life, over the last while, has been pretty darn awesome. Everything seems to be falling into place the way that I have so been longing for and yet I stopped searching for it and just let it happen.

My boys, the precious loves of my life, have been giving me somewhat of a hard time. But I can’t really blame them with all the change that has taken place, in the same breath though I will tell you that I won’t stand for it. I believe in discipline and I know that they *normally* thrive on it. Rewind to a year and a half ago – they were being impossible so I grounded them for an entire month, because of their age, this meant the following:

  • No visiting Granny
  • No visiting Di (their second Granny)
  • No parties
  • No party packs
  • No outings on the weekends
  • No television

Now, to the adult, that may not seem like a lot of punishment, but they took it hard. Those are all their favourite things. I stuck it out for the whole month despite how hard it was on me.

Fast forward to the present – I tried the exact same thing. Only they are older and wiser now so it has had minimal impact.

So tonight I am trying the other extreme, I am, along with Di and Mark, going to make this an extremely awesome and special night. Including the following:

  • Bubble bath by candle light
  • Picnic dinner by candle  light
  • Cream Soda Jelly for dessert (they LOVE it)
  • They will sit with the adults and watch Survivor – one of their favourite shows

Add lots of hugs and kisses and let’s hope and pray for a successful turn in their behaviour.

While I am a firm believer in discipline and hidings, I also believe that if it is not working then you need to find something else, you cannot smack a child just because and if there is no response to that form of discipline then you need to explore your options.

I have identical twins and they could not be more different if they tried, the only thing that is the same is their looks and their DNA. The punishment that they respond to – different. The things that they like – different. Their mannerisms – different. OK, guess you get the picture.

I will update tomorrow on the impact that this had on them and how well behaved they will be after tonight :) *I am all for possitive thinking*


4 Comments Add yours

  1. shannhermie says:

    Good luck! I hope it works! xx

    1. settoncrew says:

      Thanks Kooksie Pooksie. Counting sleeps XxX

  2. Mandri says:

    I really hope this works for you! I’m sure they will enjoy it a lot, maybe tell them it will happen once a month or something like that but only if they are good.

    1. settoncrew says:

      Thing is, when they are well behaved it happens all the time, and they know that :)

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