It went a little something like this


Monday night: The boys were very confused as they were greated with love, hugs and kisses – as though nothing had happened over the past week. Then came the candle lit bubble bath, which they loved. We made them stay in their room while we cooked and got the lounge-picnic ready – it was lovely, only wish I had taken a photo, or two.

We sat down, in a circle, chatting, eating and enjoying the unity that a circle of family brings. Then they had their favourite cream soda jelly for dessert and got to watch Survivor – so basically all went according to plan.

Last night I left the boys at home with Selina and tonight we will sit down and have a meeting to discuss which night they preferred, I can guarentee that they go for Monday… and that they will realise that good behaviour is far better than misbehaving. Postitive thinking.

This thing called ‘MOTHERHOOD’ is not for sussies, I tell you that much. This past week killed me more than them.

Yesterday was a super trying day emotionally, it was the toughest day I have had in a very long time. Mark and I headed to friends for dinner and it turned out that they too had a really challenging day – weird. It ended off with good company, laughs and a feeling of being picked up, emotionally and mentally. I love the people that are in my life. They keep me grounded and by just talking what I am going through, they help me more than they realise.

I am grateful for all the awesome people that surround me.


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