Today is a big day for Dylan


He is writing his school readiness test today, it is a whole, long day for these tiny souls.

He thinks that this means, if he passes, that he can go to ‘big school’ next week. Going to be a long journey yet, my son. I know in my heart of hearts that he is ready – he is a super smart child.

At age six, he can:

  • Count to 120 (without looking at the page)
  • Count in 2’s to 120
  • Count in 5’2 to 120
  • Count in 10’s to 120
  • Count in 100’s to 1000
  • Count in 1000’s to 10000
  • Count backwards from 35
  • Read and write his name and surname
  • Read and write his brothers names and surnames
  • Read all his colours
  • He can spell: Dylan, play, dog, cat and we are working on tortoise… he has high standards
  • He writes out my shopping list (with me spelling things)
  • He knows basic sums and bigger vs smaller numbers

I am constantly amazed with him. He comes up with things that make me question whether or not he really is six. Sometimes I forget this as he can have an adult conversation and hold it too. I thought I was imagining his intelligence at one point, but his report and parent/teacher meetings prove to me that he is ahead for his age, well at least in the intelligence department – maybe not emotionally.

I know you will pass with flying colours, it is not me that expects it, you place these expectations on yourself… and you always soar above them. Thanks for making me a super proud Mom, I love you forever and then some.


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