Fabulous Friday Feeling


I know that I should be grateful for each day, and I am, but I cannot help the extra love that I feel for Friday’s. I don’t count down to them, they arrive quite quickly on their own. I love the prospect of not having to worry about bed time for the boys – that means extra cuddles for me at night. I love that we can sleep in on a Saturday and have breakfast as a family. I love that we get to watch cartoons together, four bodies intertwined as one to hide from the winter cold.

I have become particularly fond of Sunday’s too. Here is why: Sunday see’s all of us (Mom, Jeff, Mark, Diane, Dylan, Jason, Grant and myself) all load into Mom’s Land Rover (big cars are a big plus with a big family) and off we go to visit My Gran. She had an unfortunate experience earlier this year which has seen her end up in frail care, I have no doubt that this is a temporary thing, she is such a fighter and doing so well right now. I think she lives for Sunday’s and so do we. I love the look of surprise, even though she knows we are coming,  when we arrive and wheel her outside to the garden. And of course, she is always blown away by the meal of the day – she eats really well on a Sunday. I always joke with her that for years she has been feeding us non-stop, so now it is our turn. Not far from the truth I tell you, Gran can cook and bake to perfection. I treasure my Gran, she is so special to me and two weeks back we got to celebrate her 88th Birthday with her, so awesome. I love that my boys get to build a relationship with her too, and realise why I love her so much.

Have a super weekend and I will be back on Monday.


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  1. shannhermie says:

    The weekend baby! YEAH! Have a good’n and please pass my regards to your gran… if she remembers me :) Love to all! xxx x

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