Last weekend and this week in a nutshell


A wonderful weekend of mostly… NOTHING! Well, nothing in the sense of a lot of together time as a family and not out and  about at parties and all that. We also ate like a Queen and Four Kings. Saturday we lazed around in the morning and then did a nice big shop at Food Lover’s Market – really worth it. We walked out with two FULL trolleys of food for under R 1000… at PnP, you would probably get two full packets for the same cost.

Sunday was a day spent with family and loved one’s. Mark wasn’t well so he stayed home and slept to try recover. He really is one in a million though – I got home to a clean house and a cooked dinner, despite his illness. Am I not the luckiest girl alive?

The week itself has been a little trying. On Wednesday I had my first ever car accident. Now, it could of been a lot worse had I been driving fast but it still shook me up a little. And, it was totally my fault. I have been quite proud of the fact that I have never had an accident before, maybe this occurred to remind me to be humble? Take a lesson from everything in life, my motto. Wednesday evening the boys and I had some quality time together, including being snuggled on the couch until the sleep took over – I love drifting off to sleep with angels in my arms – and angels they are at the moment.

Yesterday Mark took the day off work as he is still not well, so naturally he wants to recover rather than  infect the population. Again, I arrived home to a home cooked meal fit for a Queen… The life of a spoilt girl. Spoilt with love that is.That is what makes his meals so good, he cooks with love. And creativity.

Today has brought some AWESOME news that I have been so waiting for. I am delighted and will celebrate over a glass of champers or two :).

Roll on weekend of dinner parties, kids parties and of course the Sunday tradition that I live for. Have a great  one.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. shannhermie says:

    What’s the awesome news?!? Do tell!

  2. Jenny says:

    I am glad to hear your accident wasn’t serious. Will you be sharing your awesome news?

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