General awesomeness

My Kooksie Pooksie arrived ‘home’ on 3 August… of course no time was wasted and we had dinner that very night. I have been counting days since 155 sleeps, so you can picture the excitement when ONE sleep arrived. And as you can imagine, I am not counting sleeps until she sets off to travel Africa – while I am super excited for her, I am also a little sad as Kooksie will end up on the other side of the world working at a Ski Resort in Switzerland and then travelling the world. So I savour each moment that I get with her right now… we will have to work on the no chat rule after midnight though as I am not functioning to my full capacity today due to late night/early morning chats of last night… I think we had about two and a half hours sleep, oooops.

Greg, my gorgeous and courageous nephew is doing a little better these days. Although he is still bed-bound he is definitely more mobile and lively – for want of a better words. I  spent time with him last week Friday and I left there feeling uplifted – miracles are taking place, I feel it in my bones. I am so proud of Greg, he has inspired many with his fight and determination. For a boy who was declared terminal, he is not giving up and he shows that by his uplifted spirit and mobility that ‘he should not have’. This whole experience has reminded me that although doctors are awesome and knowledgeable – they cannot call a time frame on your life, it is NOT their decision or right to ‘guess’ in fact.

In other news… we are doing the Revlon CHOC 8km Walk on Sunday – I so love supporting a good cause and getting my boys involved too. This is the first time we are doing 8km’s so keep us in your thoughts please, I know it is far for children but I don’t doubt that my boys can do it, especially when they know that it has a purpose.

Guess that shall be all for now, until next time.


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