Weekend of Wonder

Friday night I spent some time with my sister and Greg – I love our weekly visits, they mean so much to me. I am amazed at the improvement in Greg, truly a miracle. He was so busy on Friday and just looked amazing. Greg, you inspire me to live my life to the fullest – I hope that you know how many people are in awe of your journey, not because of what you have to go through, but because of the way that you handle it. Your faith and trust in God is stunning. After our visit I got home to a quiet house, it was bitter-sweet really… I was glad to have some peace and quiet but I was sad that I never got to tuck them in and kiss those sweet little lips goodnight.

Saturday we had our monthly Mom’s brunch. I love lazing around, muching and chatting to the many different ladies. As we share insight into motherhood and life in general. The kids (well the boys actually) had an absolute blast having water fights, roll on spring – it was lovely to watch them get soaked and not have to moan because it was cold :). The brunch started at 10am and I had every intention of being home by 2pm BUT, Julie’s patio has an awesome lounger with just the right amount of sunshine so we ended up chatting for much longer and the result was that we only got home at 17:45, in time for an early dinner and bedtime, you’ll understand why in a moment…

Sunday… we did the CHOC walk for Childhood Cancer Awareness. I try to take part in as many of these events throughout the year as I possibly can. Dylan did his first 5km walk when he was three. Jason and Grant started walking (not being pushed in a pram) last year at age four. So I am VERY PROUD to say that my boys, bless their hearts, managed an entire 8km’s – PROUD, PROUD, PROUD!! They were absolutely amazing and such little troopers. I don’t think that they understand the full reason for doing the walk but I know that they will one day and I hope that they will remember these early walks and be proud of what they have achieved. I figured out the way to take their minds of the actual distance, sweets and more sweets, a promise of an ice cream at the finish line, and Energade, which they are not normally allowed. Team Setton – you rock my world. Did I mention that they conquered an entire 8km’s? WoooHooo!!

That is our weekend in a nutshell. I hope that yours was fabulous.


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