Torpeedo Tuesday

For the simple reason that yesterday I was a bag full of health and today… well not so much :( blegh :(  I detest feeling sick. Days like today do remind me to be extra grateful for my health though. They are also a gentle reminder that there are people far worse off than I am right now… In terms of health and general well being. OK, enough moping now.

Yesterday I registered for the Dis-Chem Sun City swim… I will be doing the 1500m with Team Rainbows and Smiles – to support children with cancer – Coz Jed matters and so do his friends. Naturally, I will also be doing it for Greg. Simply cannot wait. YAY! And it will be a girls road trip which I just know will be totally awesome.

I am on two missions at the moment… One being a fitness mission and the other being a raise awareness and money for childhood cancer. And it is proving to be quite a balanced thing between the two really because most awareness and fund raisers seem to be physical. Roll on body beautiful… I’m sick to death of feeling podgy and out of shape.

The boys were such little angels for me tonight… They are really starting to understand what it means to be sick, what a lucky Mum I am.

Right now I think the meds are blogging and not me… So I think a goodnight is in order. Sleep right lovlies :-).


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