Here comes busy…

From tonight until Sunday we shall have an extra body in the house… Lady Lia. I simply cannot wait to have some girlie magic around and neither can the boys. They already have her camp cot right next to their beds, you know, so they can hear her cry and wake up and help her if so be – man alive, they are going to make such awesome fathers one day. One very far day away. They are so protective over Lia, it is divine. And the love that they all have for each other is unreal – I am loving the friendship that they are developing between them.

Juanli, Francois and Lia live in our apartment block and Lia has captured my heart, in such a big way. Juanli and Francois have also become treasured friends of  mine. I feel honoured that they trust me to look after their daughter for four days. They are so cute… This is the first time that they are leaving their little princess in someone else’s care, and you can tell. I have had a good few giggles, but I do understand how hard it is to leave them the first time. And I think that in  many ways it is far better to be over cautious.

Itt is bound to be a busy next few days but like I always say, ‘when you have three kids, what is one more?’. I am excited to have Lia, include her in our day to day activities and I simply cannot wait to see her cute little face when she has her first day at creche tomorrow, I know that she will LOVE it, because she is a social butterfly.

Juanli and Francios, thanks again for trusting me. You know I love Lia as one of my own.
That’s all for now.


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