Father Figures

Last night, Juanli and Francois came to drop Lia off… they really are over prepared, and I love that. I seem to be forming really awesome friendships lately and they are definitely on the list. I was left with a new found love for them. My only wish is that all kids may know what it feels like to have parents that care so deeply. Francios looked so ill last night at the thought of leaving his precious Klien Cherrie for four whole days. It was too sweet to witness that bond. And it got me thinking of the father figure… what was your father figure like in your life? Did you experience the bond that they have? The love that they share?

My own father figure was up and down to be honest. I love my Dad with all my heart and we are super close now but there is a past to that and he was not the greatest father figure in my life. It took me a long time to realise that it was him I was angry at and it has taken me even longer to stop searching for that father figure in the form of a partner. I have forgiven my Dad for the past and said what needed to be said and like I say we are super close and I love him so much. I am also very proud of him and how he has turned his life around – in many ways he is my hero and that is all that matters at the end of the day.

I am happy to report that night one was a huge success. Lia ate like a champion, she ate her dinner and then even had some of mine. We then put a DVD on and the child that never sits still aka Lia, plonked onto my lap, drank her milk and went to sleep – bless her, the ball of cute she is. Of course the boys were super amped that she was sleeping in their room and off they all drifted into silence and slept like angels, all four of them.

The sound of excitement in the Setton House this morning was too sweet. It was like the boys thought that they had dreamt Lia was sleeping over, they were ecstatic to see she really was there this morning. They even helped undress her so I could dress her for school. And of course they walked into school this morning like ‘Die Manne’ because they love Lia and couldn’t wait to show her off. This was her first day at school, ever, and not one single tear was shed… in fact she could’t wait for me to put her down so she could play with the toys and see the other little people. She got cross when I tried to kiss her goodbye even, like seriously… leave me alone, I am playing.

I am looking forward to an awesome weekend and I have a feeling that we will all be a little sad when Lia goes home on Sunday. Well the Setton’s will… Juanli and Francois will be thrilled to cuddle her again.


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