I am on the mend and some pictures of Lia’s stay

Today is the first day that I am feeling human again after being really sick for the last while – YaY to antibiotics, sometimes I love them. In fact, I am on some what of a natural high… or perhaps a slight caffience high.

Having Lia was an absolute pleasure and joy… I was actually quite heartsore to give her back to Juanli and Francios on Sunday night, the house seems almost empty without her constant babble and the boys’ absolute joy at having her around. Here are some pictures from her stay:

Dinner time :)
Breakfast bottle on Dylan’s lap while glued to cartoons
Lia had so much fun playing that she even napped through signing and prayer :):)
Another nap-shot, peaceful bliss
A HUGE bath… all for ME!!
Washing basket fun
By the smile, I would say that she enjoyed her stay?
Another happy smile… just edible
Seriously… I know I am cute, but enough with the photos now please

Got some not too good news from my sister this moring… Mark, her husband, has a brain tumour. Malignancy and op details are not yet confirmed. I ask, again, that you please keep my precious family in your prayers during this tough time that they are facing.

Please pray for my sister, for her strength, please pray for Greg and Sean as their Dad goes through this ordeal. Please pray for Mark and protection over the surgeons hands as they operate.


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