It is that time of year again…

Party planning time. I am finding it very hard to believe, or  digest, the fact that my ‘babies’ are turning FIVE next month. It feels like the other day I was waiting,  in disbelief, for the two of them to make their appearance into the big wide world. I find that as the years go on and the boys get a little older the party planning takes on a whole new dimension, and I am loving it. So far I have had a ton of fun designing the birthday invites – I love being creative and playing with different ideas.

Now, just because Jason and Grant are identical does not mean that they have to have the same theme, or like the same things – they are identical in looks and DNA but that is as far as it goes. And I am a firm believer in independance between twins. So Grant has decided on dinosaurs and Jason decided on music – with the collaboration of the two, we came up with a ‘dinosaur musical’ theme. Should be an interesting one.

I asked a question to other twin mom’s about their birthday party planning, cakes and singing, I was very pleased to know that I am not alone in the individuality department. I insist on two cakes, two themes, two happy birthday songs. I never want my boys to be classed as ‘the twins’ – for although that is what they are, they are Jason and Grant, just like Dylan is Dylan and not ‘the singleton’. Apparently this is a subject I feel quite strongly about and I am ok with that because I know that I just want the best for my three boys.

At this age, I think that it is more about the fun that is had than the theme though… and boy do I have some fun things up my sleeve, well I hope that the kids will enjoy it. I love that their birthday has lovely hot weather, it makes it a little easier to have kids outdoors and having fun, that cooped up inside getting bored, although with Dylan’s birthday being cold some years (he is 15 March) I have found ways to keep the kids busy too.

More than the kids having fun, I love the chance that presents itself to catch up with friends I may not have seem for a while. With my family. With Mom’s from the school that I may or may not know. I love a good party in general and I am very excited for theirs to arrive… YAYAY!

I think that concludes my ramble for the day. Have a great one, stay warm.


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