Spring has sprung

I was inspired to finally clean out my closet, get rid of the clothes I have not worn in forever and start fresh for Spring – amazing how refreshing it is actually. I am no where near done though…

And I wish that I could some how do the same thing with my mind. There are so many things running through my mind at the moment that I am finiding it hard to actually focus and get a single blog post done… I keep starting one and then saving into drafts, starting another and saving into drafts… and so it goes on and on.

On Tuesday night our home group started again after a break throughout August and boy was it great to be back. We had an awesome dinner and then played a game to see how well we knew each other. Basically, each person has to write down five things about themselves, anything that you want really, and then the leader reads out the ‘clues’ and the group has to guess who the person is based on the five things that they wrote down. It was so fun learning things about other people in the group. Brig and I were supposed to be on ‘kid duty’ but the kids were all glued to the tv and quiet so, as the saying goes, ‘let sleeping dogs lie’, let quiet kids be. I was quite grateful that it worked out this way as it was our first night together in five weeks and there was a general awesome atmosphere, one of blessing as we reflected on the prayer book and how many of those prayers have been answered – we always ask but seldom reflect on the answers God gives us, I want to remember to do that more. Totally amazing, the power of prayer.

Last night Aunty Bev, Shann, Mom and I had dinner… I cannot believe that two months has gone by so fast. I have loved every minute of having my Kooksie Pooksie in town. And I think I should just kidnap her for the remainder of the time… or would that be selfish? More great memories were made last night and I think both our Mom’s were a little shocked when we reminded them that we have been friends for 20 years now, I know that can make me feel old at times – I could not have asked for a better friend. Truly. Kooks, you are awesome, amazing, fun, adventurous and everything in between. I just know that no matter where life takes us (or rather you, Miss Phat Tourist) we will be friends until the end, and I am beyond grateful for that. At one point the Mom’s were talking and Shann and I were in the room bursting out in laughter… what made it even funnier was the the Mom’s never even reacted, guess that they are so used to it by now that no comments are even passed.

We spoke about perceptions last night, it was so interesting as the perceptions we often have of people are so incorrect. I think that we need to remember that more often. And it is very interesting to see how other people see you – and vice versa. I have often watched people and had a perception that was totally miscalculated, have you?

I am running on empty as the day goes on… another late night was had. But it was so worth it X


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  1. Phat Tourist says:

    We are mad… and I think our mom’s know that. Hence no reaction. It’s always supper awesome to get the giggles with you though – laughter really is awesome! I know too that we will be friends not just for now but forever… to infinity and beyond! Love you :) xx

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