Just for a day {a writing prompt}…

One of my daily blogs that I read is Life As I know It by Lisa. I love her honesty, she doesn’t sugar coat, rather, she tells it like it is. Today her blog ended like this. ‘See what other moms have written on this topic, and join the Writing Prompt Community: Just For a Day‘ – naturally my curiosity got the better of me and I clicked the link and decided to join the community.

So, here it goes, my first post as part of the Writing Prompt Community:

Just for a day I would love to have all my family and those I love in one room, to have a day of uninterrupted, quality time together.

Just for a day I wish that Greg was healed. That Mark was healed. That cancer never existed.

Just for a day I wish that I could home school my boys. Take them out into the real world and teach them all the things that school doesn’t teach us. I often wonder why they don’t cover the basics of real life within the curriculum. I remember at my first job, my boss asked me to go to the bank and cash a cheque, simple right? Well, not so much when you have never been taught how. Of course I acted like I knew how to do it and then called my Mom and she graciously spoke me through it.

Just for a day I wish I could release all my creative juices. From designing tshirts, to party planning, to making crafts. All things creative. All things that feed my soul.

Just for a day I wish that I could make the boys’ dreams come true with a family holiday to Cape Town so that they can see their Grandpa – they yearn for him.

Just for a day I wish that I could be as patient as people perceive me to be.

Just for a day I would like to see myself through someone elses eyes – I think it would be interesting.

Just for a day I wish that I had more time to spend with my Gran. She is 88 this year and the greatest Gran alive.

Just for a day I wish I could go on the overland trip with Kooksie. I am so proud of you, Shann, for living your dream to travel the world.

I think *make that know* that I would like all of the above for more than a day…


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ellen Stumbo says:

    I love the honesty in your post. Thank you so much for sharing. I often wonder how many “feelings” I carry with me without realizing it, your post reminded me of that.
    Thanks for joining.
    Make sure to add your link, there is a link-tool at the end of the post. That way everyone visiting can find your beautiful post! I can also add it for you if you have any trouble finding it.

  2. Phat Tourist says:

    Thanks my Kooksie! I’m proud of you too… and if you could see yourself through someone else’s eyes, you would see AWESOME because that’s what you are :) xx

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