The truth about my week

It has not been the best one. That is the truth. No particular reason, well not one I should advertise in such an open space anyway.

Last night however, it took a turn for the better, mid-week joy in the form of a  visit and a sleep over from Shan-non. Flip I am going to miss my Kooksie when she ventures in a short while… as mentioned previously, I am NOT counting sleeps until she goes because that would make me realise just how soon it is… so I will be an ostritch and pretend that I still have her here for a long time :). It shall work, albeit for a while. It has been so awesome having my Kooksie Pooksie Pudding and Pie around. Last night we had the giggles, oh it was so funny. We seem to be good at setting each other off, guess that comes from knowing someone your whole life though… Shann even managed to understand my half asleep mumble this morning, I can’t recall what it was but I do know that most people would of made me repeat myself while Shann just filled in the blanks. Flip I am going to miss you. I know I said that about four lines back, but I am.

Ok, so maybe the whole week has not actually been terrible… on Tuesday we had home cell and Brig and I were on ‘kid duty’. This entails keeping LOTS of children occupied for two hours… sjoe! What a task, and there were two of us. We did some creative and crafty activities with them, well they were mostly for them to do on their own. I think that they enjoyed it but we finished a little sooner than we hoped and let’s just say that we suck at keeping LOTS of children quiet, Alex and Andre had to come to our rescue with thier stern masculane voices. Ilse shared the song Amazing Grace with Brig and I as it spoke of the oath that we took on Sunday in the form of baptism. Julie also shared scriptures, WOW, they were powerful. And then Vanessa wrote down a scripture for me that was just what I needed to hear. God is amaznig and I love how he speaks directly to us or to us through those that we are close with.  I am loving the journey, as I have said previously, and my home cell rocks, what an awesome group of people that get together weekly to be with the Lord!

When we got home on Tuesday night Grant decided to have an epic tantrum. I must say that I totally forgot how INSANE his tantrums can be. He used to have several a day, and that was on a good day. I am so glad that those early days  of multiple tantrums are over because man, it takes it out of you. Basically it started because the boys have two choices, they can come to home cell and behave or stay at home with Selina if they misbehave or cannot handle the late night that  it entails, choices are good right? Well, Grant was not coping on Tuesday night and I advised him of the choices that he had… apparently that was NOT the best thing to do and sparked him to wake the entire town with his screaming and performing. Joy. I have to remind myself to breath, and that they are only small for a short while. WOW, it is hard!!

Ramble, ramble. Today was a great day. And it flew on by. My brother-in-law had an MRI this afternoon, please pray that this brings clarity on a way forward for him.

Have a fantastic evening :)


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  1. Phat Tourist says:

    Yep, that’s what happens when you’ve known someone your whole life! HaHaa! Love it! Love you! xx

    I hope everything turned out okay with the MRI …and that it’s answered some questions.

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