Or is it?

What impacts your attitude? And how does that impact your life?

Over the last while I have learnt to focus on my attitude, what makes it positive, what makes it negative. What thoughts do I entertain that in turn tampers with my attitude.

I have learnt to be more aware of the people that I surround myself with, the people that I allow to influence me. I have learnt that, yes, sometimes, attitude is everything. I chose my attitude for the day and that can either mean I have a really good, positive day or a real horrible, negative day.

Now this is certainly easier said than done. But, like with all things, practice will make perfect.


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  1. TaMara says:

    You are right – attitude is everything! It’s also contagious, so when we surround ourselves with positive people, it’s easier to have a good attitude.

    I also blogged about attitude. :)

    Tales of a Pee Dee Mama

  2. Erica says:

    Here’s to a positive attitude for you and best wishes on completing the challenge!
    CW3 *\o/*

  3. Paula Kaye says:

    Oh this is something I struggle with. Somedays are just too hard to find a positive attitude! But I am working on it. And I will follow along for the A to Z Challenge

  4. daphne says:

    I am wrestling with my attitude.. normally a very calm and patient person, lately I have been moody and negative.. and cussing a lot. My husband wonders what’s wrong. All I can offer up as an explanation is ‘life’.. that’s what’s up.

  5. I agree that your focus determines your attitude. I find as I focus on others and how God would like me to treat others my attitude is radiant and joyful. Thanks for your great attitude.

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