F is for FIRE



I remember sitting around a fire as a kid and being drawn to the beauty of flames. I can get lost in the magic of fire for hours without even realising it. It is like I go into some sort of trance as the flames engulf my entire being. There is something so refreshing about fire too – I cannot quite explain it but it leaves me feeling alive.

I love the healing that takes place through fire… I mean by writing things down that you want to let go of and burning the piece of paper in a fire. Watching it burn and releasing it as it does – so amazing. This age old method really works for me – I think I am quite a visual person. There is a certain romance about fire too, snuggling up in front of one and just enjoying the silence and crackling of the flames.

Ironically one of my favourite worship songs also has fire in…


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  1. megan says:

    As a kid, fire used to scare me. Now I find it very calming.

  2. Joe Owens says:

    I enjoy being near an outside fire, except for when the the weather is warm, like when I am burning brush. When my son was little he watched the process and called it “putting fire on it”.

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