K is for KITES

As pretty as can be. Kites take me back to my childhood and I wish I had the patience to teach my boys – maybe one day soon. I am going to plan and prepare myself mentally, invest in a great kite and teach the boys come August – our windy season! That’s it, done deal!! I remember going to the park with my Mom & Neil, and four kids (Neil Jnr, Peter, Myself & Janine) in tow. I haven’t actually thought about it in years and I even double checked with Mum to make sure it was a sound memory and not something I wished had happened.

Have you ever flown a kite? Did you enjoy it?


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Paula Kaye says:

    Kites are fun. And we are hardly ever without wind in Kansas so we can fly them a lot

    1. settoncrew says:

      I have such great memories of flying kites. I used to live in Cape Town, South Africa – there is mostly always wind there too.

  2. JoJo says:

    Kites are huge in Southwestern Washington and Northwest Oregon. There’s even a kite festival in Long Beach.

    1. settoncrew says:

      I would love to attend a kite festival – must be beautiful. Thanks for stopping by.

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