Y is for YARN

‘Y’ also really had me stumped, like some other letters through the challenge, so I decided to leave it for the weekend and see if anything ‘Y’ worthy popped up. And boy, I am ever so glad that I did. Dylan’s school is currently running a ‘project’ where the kids (and parents) are encouraged to knit squares and then Mrs K will sew them together to make blankets for the less fortunate.

I was expecting Dylan to bring his yarn and needles home so I could teach him and we could get going – I was so surprised when he pulled his very first square (a darn good one for a first timer) out of his bag with pride. I might be biased, but here is a photo – not too bad, right?


I have been trying to knit a scarf for many years now and never seem to get around to finishing it, maybe this will inspire me. Do you knit?


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Good job, Dylan!! Than would inspire me to get going…. Great “Y” choice.

  2. Rinelle Grey says:

    Impressive. Knitting is so much fun, watching something grow out of nothing.

    Rinelle Grey

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