Z is for ZAPPERS

I thought about ‘Ze End’ for today and I guess that would of been fitting but instead I went to Google, typed in ‘words beginning with Z’ which led me to a scarbble word finder sight… I closed my eyes and hot the word ‘Zappers’.

  • n. – An electrical device that can injure or kill by means of electric currents

Funny thing is I was at a friend’s 30th over the weekeend and I was chatting to her Dad about his farm and he mentioned that there was a warthog that had caused a lot of damage to the farm fencing as he was determined to get past the one section that had a whole lot of electric fencing. Needless to say he got zapped quite a few times but his determination paid off and he eventually got through. Leaving chaos behind him but he is oblivious I guess.

And in other news, apparently Zappers are sweets too – now you know :) I don’t think that we have them in South Africa but Google is an amazing platform of information.


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