Jesus Culture – Emerge *God is in a good mood*

Last night was the start up of  Home Group. We have two rest months in the year, with April being the first. It was so good to be back, I sure do miss it at times of close.

I felt like we started off with a bang, to be honest. And it was just an introduction to Jesus Culture – Emerge. You can read about it here. Our Church asked all the leaders to ‘present’ the concept to their home groups and if, on a whole, there is interest they will purchase it and we can begin working through it. I love the idea of being stretched as a Christian, stepping out of my comfort zone. And of course being equipped with more knowledge to spread the gospel. I am not one for ‘Bible bashing’ and don’t actually even like that term but I do have the desire to live fully in Christ so that the fruits in my life will be so clear, people will be drawn to Christ through me.

I love that there will be testimony with each session – a personal testimony and a power testimony. Testimonies make me cry because that is a true reflection of how great Our God is… I have some pretty powerful testimony in my own life, but that is a topic for another day. I love that there are questions asked, questions that really make you think. And of course, there is reference to the Bible. Never be afraid to ask for proof in the form of scripture.

*Side Note* I love that the Pastor’s in my Church always remind us to ask questions (ask God, ask an Elder but please ASK) and ask for scripture reference. To not just accept what they say because they are in leadership – this makes it real for me.

There will also be activates, connections, ministry time and reflections that will form part of the weekly sessions. Oh this is going to be so great, I simply cannot wait.

Like I said to a friend from home group this morning, let’s ‘Jump for JOY and Laugh A LOT. Spread the goodness of Our God. (Yes, I am taking the whole good mood thing very seriously today)’


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  1. People in a good mood radiate love….. what more can you ask for??!!

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