Baker’s Dozen Update

So Chapter Four has been released, read it here. I am loving the excitement and build up so far, you should definitely take a read :).

Next up is Chapter Five… my chapter. I was feeling so intimidated by this whole concept and even admitted to a friend (and now to everyone who reads my blog) that I thought I had bitten off more than I can chew right now… well that was until I sat in front of my PC and just began writing what came to mind, without edit, and in 20 mintutes I was complete. I hope that you’ll enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Released on 21 May 2013.

Here is a list of all participants – go follow their great blogs :)

Joe Owens – Joe’s Musings                                            May 1st

Josh Magill – The Magill Review                                  May 6th

Ambrozya – Ambrozya                                                    May 11th

Moondust Writer – Moondust Writer                           May 16th

Raindrops on Roses – setton crew                                May 21st

E.J. Lamprey – elegsabiff                                                 May 26th

Jennifer Pendergast – Elmo Writes                               May 31st

Cl Elli – Venti Mocha Moments                                     June 5th

Ted Strutz – TedBook                                                      June 10th

Lashell Collins – Lashell Collins                                    June 15th

Francesca – Dr. Franny and Mrs. Myself                     June 20th

David Stewart – The Green-Walled Tower                  June 25th

Joe Owens – Joe’s Musings                                             June 30th


4 Comments Add yours

  1. elegsabiff says:

    I follow you so I hope I find it flows too! Well done! Haven’t done anything like this (writing outside my comfort zone) since getting essay subjects at school, but I used to enjoy that so fingers crossed. Really looking forward to reading yours :)

  2. elegsabiff says:

    (I mean I hope that I can sit down and write, not that I hope yours flows well! eep!)

  3. settoncrew says:

    This is totally out of my comfort zone too – so we can do it together :).
    I am sure that yours will flow great, the story is easy to create, I think, based on the previous chapters of awesome.

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