#Awesome Day #2: Exercise

I love the fact that each week day morning, Stacey and I meet and we walk, fairly briskly, up Kallenbach drive. I love that exercise is combined with a very dear friend. Nothing like starting the morning with endorphin’s running and, yes, we do chat too (in-between the huffing and puffing).

I know that the walking is not enough for me so I have decided to start at the beginning of sleekgeek again, since I got such awesome results first time around. I guess I won’t be as rigid as the first time and I have decided to be picky and only do the days I enjoyed, haha, ironically though, the days that I most enjoyed were the one’s that hurt the most. The one’s where I wasn’t sure how I would walk the next day. Sucker for punishment much?

I seriously want to remain focused and dedicated throughout winter so that I can start summer feeling good about myself when the layers start coming off. I know that I have been given a great head start by doing the eight week body challenge and I have a little support team behind me, which is great. By that I mean, there are people in my life who are wanting to get fit and in shape too, so we can hold each other accountable each day. Working towards Comrades is also something that keeps me motivated for sure… I fear that Coral-Leigh is going to be way fitter than I and kill me on the run, but hey, best I just keep on keeping on – as they say.

One thing I know that I definitely want is a six pack and total definition throughout… so here it goes, roll on fitness – filled with awesome, of course.


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