#Awesome Day #6: Having Kooksie in town

While it is always temporary, I always soak it up while it happens. I blogged about her arrival here during the AtoZ Challenge. Best surprise ever. I have always gone through life thinking that I don’t like surprises – that changed as of that night.

Soon she will be off again, this time to China where she will teach English. This girl is living her dream and I am so super proud of her. She has really been true to what she wants to do in life. Real go-getter and makes the most of every situation, love that in you my Kooksie. I love that my boys love her because they know what an important part of my life she is. They will pretend to be shy and then when she leaves all they talk about is her – too sweet.

On Saturday Kooks hosted a Wok and Wine get together in an empty house. So much fun. The boys had an absolute blast running around and took up the challenge of hide and seek… with not many places to hide. I think everyone was in shock at the energy levels of three boys. The plus side of this was that I put a DVD on for them and they all fell asleep by 20:15 – on their own accord. Great night. Great company. AWESOME.

And just because this photo still makes me laugh, I am adding it:

Kooks 6


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