#Awesome Day #7: Internetlessness

A state of being without internet access

Because I am on a pre-paid cellphone I have to top up my Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) manually each month. Two days before expiration I get a reminder SMS so that helps… otherwise I would probably end up thinking I have signal issues most months, haha.

Last week I got the SMS reminder, as usual, but decided that I wouldn’t top up just yet. Why? The reason is simple. Without the top-up I don’t emails, BBM’s, whatsapp messages and there is no access to Facebook and Twitter. Basically a forced downtime. A quiet phone. Undivided attention for my boys. And you know what? I have enjoyed it so much that I still haven’t done the manual top-up.

Sometimes I wish I never had a phone at all. Remember the days of no cell phones? If you were not at home (school, work, etc.) then people couldn’t get hold of you. Full stop. I think that we have all got so caught up in the world of modern technology, and being on call 24/7, that our families take a back seat some of the time.

When you quickly pop onto Facebook to see when someone’s birthday is and before you know it half an hour has passed and you cannot remember why you logged in to begin with?

When someone sends you an email with a link to a tweet that was made and you quickly have a look? Again, only to realise that half an hour has passed and you don’t even know why you logged in to begin with.

I know that I am guilty of the above – I can tend to get lost in social media way past half an hour and the truth is that my kids do suffer because of this. Not an easy thing to admit, but I know that it is the truth for me and I noticed it a lot over the past couple of days. I think that I will be more aware of this from here on out and make sure that once the service is reactivated, if I reactivate, I will use my time for socail things and not the precious time I have with my kids.

Here is to the awesomeness that is Internetlessness :)

P.S. Chapter 9 of Baker’s Dozen Fiction Story is out. You can read it on Joe’s blog, or Ted’s blog or even right here if you prefer.


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