#Awesome Day #8: The Bible

Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth

Being a new believer, I am loving the Bible. And truth is, I hope that when I am an ‘old’ believer I will still love it as much. During one of our Sunday sermons last year, Bruce advised that new believers start with The Action Bible – a comic like, animated, broken down version of The Bible. What a great suggestion as it makes the whole learning experience a little less overwhelming… well, it did that for me. Also, someone said to me, ‘Remember to create the picture when reading The Bible, don’t just read the words’ – I loved that advise too, and do see the whole Bible as a great adventure, with all the answers that we need.

I count myself as truly blessed because when I pray and ask God questions, He is so faithful and answers them through scripture. Two examples of this:

  • I was in a relationship that I was really unsure of and I prayed during worship, really trusting God to guide me, and he lead me to scripture. Scripture that so clearly pointed out that this was not the man God has planned for the boys and I. He tested me that day – gave me the answer and left it up to me to act on it. By the Wednesday I had ended the relationship and I just felt a complete peace about it. A few Sunday’s after the break-up I was questioning my decision when a lady got up in Church and shared the exact same scripture that I had got when I first asked God. Oh Lord, thank You for being patient, kind and loving.


  • I was going through some challenging things in terms of family. I really challenged *or so I thought* God and asked hard ‘why?’ questions. Again, he placed scripture in my heart and when I read it I was speechless. Every single question I asked had an answer, right there in black and white. Amazing. Awesome.

P.S I really liked this bloggers disclaimer.


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  1. Paula Kaye says:

    How awesome! I love reading the Bible. But I never thought of trying to form a picture. Makes perfect sense to me


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