#Awesome Day 9#: Virtual Friends

If you had asked me five years ago about making virtual friends, I would of looked at you like you were mad and wondered what world you were lost in. But now? Now, I have found out what they hype was about and I have made some really amazing friends through all streams of social media. Some people I have yet to meet, others I have met and each one is so dear to me that I cannot imagine life without the friends I met virtually.

I find the support networks amazing. Some of these virtual friends have been there for me more than the people I have known, in person, for many more years. I wonder what it is that makes the virtual world so different? I used to think it was easy to tell – vitually you are behind a computer, and you could be someone totally different to what you are in real life. But let me just say, that while there are people like that, the one’s I am fortunate enough to know, have only become more awesome over time. And the more the walls get broken down, the more I find that I have in common with them. Truly amazing.

I remember going to Cape Town for a *virtual* friends baby shower. I had never even met Pam but I knew that I wanted to be there. So I got on a plane and another *virtual* friend (that I hadn’t met either) came to fetch me from the airport. I had been friends with all these ladies for about two years or so at the time and it was so lovely to be surrounded by them in the flesh. Some I am still friends with to this day (this was about four years ago) and I know that we will be friends for many more years to come.


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  1. This is such a lovely post, I have only started blogging this year but I can already tell the bloggers that I could get along with if and when I meet them and I’m really excited because I think when we are sitting behind computers it is even easier to just be ourselves because those who like us will continue to enjoy our journey and those that don’t will move along swiftly :)

    >Thanks *Natalie


  2. settoncrew says:

    Too true Natalie ~ have a fabulous Friday and thanks for reading.

  3. Hey CCC, it’s so true what you said! I might not have been in touch for a while, but you are dear friend of mine all thanks to our virtual mommies platform haha. To think that someone I never met came across the country to be part of my baby shower was amazing! There aren’t many people like you! MWAH

    1. settoncrew says:

      PPP, it was the most exciting thing, ever. I loved spending the day with you! You are dear to me too x

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