#Awesome Day #12: Long weekends

Our long weekend went a little something like this:

Friday night I had a GNO (girls night out). When we planned it, it was going to be a rip roaring, party the night away, kind of GNO but truth is, none of us actually felt like it on Friday so instead we had a lovely dinner and drinks night at Doppio Zero in Rosebank – I was grateful for that and we giggled the night away while the kids were fed and taken care of by Francois – what a gem.

Saturday I managed to convince the boys to let me sleep in for an extra hour while they watched cartoons – bonus :). Then they played playstation while I managed to catch up on the washing that has been piling up – five loads done in total. Definitely deserved a nap after that, haha, and convinced the boys that they would totally benefit from one too, so we all curled up and slept until 16:30 – pure bliss I tell you. It was a day spent in pj’s with each other, and it was soul good.

Sunday we went to Church and I shared testimony of God’s goodness, His power, His knowing and His providing. He truly is my provider. I shed many tears but they were tears of joy, tears of being totally overwhelmed. After Church we went for lunch with Mum and then we took the boys to the park as they had SO MUCH ENERGY!! This meant Mum and I actually got to chat a bit without constant interruption. We ended up only getting home at around 17:15 which meant the boys had time to bath, get into pj’s and then we watched one of our favourites – Planet Earth. None of them actually made the full hour programme as they blissfully fell asleep before 19:00. A quiet house is often welcome but it felt strange that they were all asleep so early.

Monday we had a lazy morning (are you noticing a pattern here?) and I made my very first stew – which was actually super yummy. I also managed to convince the boys to watch a DVD so I could have a snooze, sneaky I know, but man am I glad that I did that – you’ll understand in a moment. We spent the afternoon with my amazing sister and my cute-as-a-button nephew, Sean. My dear sister, Kerry, you are truly amazing to me… I am ever so grateful to have such an amazing role model in my life. You are a women after God’s own heart and you really do radiate the peace of Jesus within. I am so proud of you. And I loved watching our boys play together – I love that they love each other and just get on so well. Busy park afternoon’s equals three very tired boys – so I took full advantage of an early dinner and getting them to sleep was easy as pie – they climbed under their blankets one by one, waiting to watch Survivor but never quite making it.

At around midnight Grant woke me up saying his tummy was really sore and he wanted to be sick and that was the end of my sleep… then Jason woke up – same story. When the one was managing to get some sleep the other one was up and vice versa – which was great for them, not so much for me. I got virtually no sleep between being with the two of them. **YAWN** Tuesday was a long day indeed. I even fell asleep while waiting for Vicky – who takes Dylan to school in the morning – right there in the car, parked on the side of the road!

So some of this post is not actually awesome, but mostly it is, so it counts for awesome :)


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  1. Paula Kaye says:

    Sounds like a good weekend….except for the sick parts


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