#Awesome Day #14: My Sister

So I guess you are a little confused since I clearly stated in this post that I am an only child?

It goes like this, before Mum and Dad met, Dad was married to Dawn and had Kerry, my half sister. I don’t refer to her as half though, because, well she is a whole person :P, haha. And she is my sister, regardless.

Kerry and I met when I was in Standard 3 and she was in Standard 8 *I think* and I was over the moon when I first learnt I had a sister. I couldn’t wait for the day that I would finally get to meet her. I used to beg Dad almost daily as far as I remember. And I remember it so clearly, that day. The day I was finally going to meet my big sister. I was like a hyper (more than usual) little bunny that had just had 10 cups of filter coffee – that should give you a clear indication of the level of hyperness. If you have seen the movie Hoodwinked, I was like the squirrel. Dad was taking us to Bruma market but really all I cared about was I HAVE A BIG SISTER!!

I remember spending weekends with Kerry – they were my best. In all honesty I don’t remember a lot about the visits, just that I thought she was the coolest thing since sliced bread, and her friends were pretty amazing too. I remember that we used to write letters to each other, which I totally loved – my sister has the neatest hand writing you’ll ever see, I love it! She gave me my first ever journal and I treasured it and still have it to this day. I have memories that I will treasure forever with my sister. And as we have got older and spent more time together we have realised that we are more alike than we ever thought. I remember sitting on the couch one night listening to her telling me something and it was like she had taken a chapter out of my book and was reading it aloud back to me. From the start my sister inspired me to be a better person, there were changes that happened from the first weekend I spent with her.

Kerry, truly, you are an inspiration to me. And you are the greatest big sister I could ever of wished for. Thanks for being there for me always, even in your darkest times you shined light into my life. You radiate a peace I long for, you inspire me to go after that peace more than you realise. It is in your stillness that you inspire me most – never forceful, just true to who you are.

I love you forever, your little sister x


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  1. Kerryan Andrews says:

    Cands, thank you for your kind words. I too am blessed to call you my sister. I think that you are amazing, having come through so much, grown so much and being the amazing mom that you are to your precious boys. I too remember the first time we met so clearly – and I was and still am blown away by how awesome you are. You have a resilient strength and courageousness about you which is so admirable. Love you much xx

  2. settoncrew says:

    Love you so much too x

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