#Awesome Day #16: Setton Boys

I truly have the most awesome boys, ever! I could write forever about them, but here are a few key things that I love:

Dylan – you are a true shining light and I agree with your teacher, you have a heart for the things of God. You are so kind, caring and thoughtful. You are a such an amazing friend and I love watching the person you are becomming. You make my heart so proud with your confidence and intelligence. I love that little geek streak (and I mean that with love). I love your dry sense of humour and that you find yourself hysterical – because Lord knows, it takes a lot to laugh at oneself.

Jason – my little angel child. You are so gentle, kind and loving. Always the first to share with anyone and everyone – never lose that my boy but also never let people take advantage of it. I love your soft nature because it is balanced and you are not afraid to stand your ground. I love how much you love to cuddle and that you are truly a mommy’s boy – your love for me reminds me of God’s love and it warms my heart more than I can express in words.

Grant – my energiser bunny, my non stop talking machine. I pray for wisdom to never crush your spirit and to nurture you into a boy that will never be afraid to continue on the path that you have started, but also to realise that sometimes silence is a good thing too. I love your permanent energy. I love that you have your own style and are never afraid to be ‘out there’ – you are a trend setter, make them good trends. I love that you have a gentle side too, under all that energy is a still little soul.

My wish is that you will walk into all that God has planned for you, I wish you enough x


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  1. Paula Kaye says:

    Beautiful! Your boys sound wonderful!

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