#Awesome Day #17: eReading

Thanks to my lovely friend Coral-Leigh over at Cupcakes and Sailors I am officially an eReading freak! Yes, I said freak as since she introduced me to the wonderful world of digital reading, I have sailed through many books (about to go onto book 17 and started on 22 April) and let me just make it clear – the lady has awesome reading taste! I have learnt to read what she tells me, like a good little school girl, lol.

I cannot thank you enough lovely lady for sparking my passion again – I love the world of books and I think that my boys are starting to share that love more and more – I love that we can sit together as a family and read, getting lost in the world of books and loving it. Granny is still the best book reader though, even I can sit captivated as she brings a book to life. Mom – I need lessons on reading stories to kids please.

And to top it off – Jeff just bought me a Kindle so I am having fun loading books on there too – viva eReading :)

Short and sweet.


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