#Awesome Day #18: Happiness Thief

Yesterday it dawned on me (better late than never)  that I have been allowing someone to steal my happiness, let’s call her the Happiness Thief. I think her night time reading goes a little something like this:

She gets me all worked up and angry but I allow it. I allow those feelings to bubble and boil within and it never ends pretty. Yesterday was just another day (of stealing happiness, on her part anyway) and after having my little tantrum, feeling really angry and ready to kill, I realised that I have the power to NOT let her steal my happiness. I have the power to shrug off the way she makes me feel and continue to smile and be happy. And so I did just that yesterday and it was somewhat empowering. I walked around singing and smiling and it felt great.

So, what is awesome about the Happiness Thief? Well, she no longer has power over me – that is pretty awesome.


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  1. Paula Kaye says:

    I am thinking there might be a ‘happiness thief’ at my house too!

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