#Awesome Day #21: Meeting friends

I have been friends with Coral-Leigh for a while now and I finally got to meet her yesterday – so very exciting :)

Coral-Leigh is another friend I met virtually (through Twitter, I think) and she has fast become a very special and important part of my life. I love that we are so different and yet so the same. She just gets me and we have faced some similar things so she always knows what to say, and at just the right time I might add.

I felt like a kid waiting for Christmas while I sat and waited at the airport. Eventually I spotted her blue hair – WooHoo. I have the tendency to be quiet and socially awkward when I first meet people but it totally wasn’t like that – we got chatting right away and never stopped until 2am – haha. I was spoiled as Coral-Leigh made dinner AND I got a cup of tea this morning. I think I like you a whole lot more now ;).

I really, really enjoyed having you over – wish it could of been longer but I am grateful that I finally got to meet you and chat in person. What fun the night was – it was one of those pretty random nights (and there are some blank spots, oooops). One of those nights were midnight strolls to the quick shop are the norm, and waking up with pink painted finger nails. It was one of those nights that I knew my kids were safely in bed, we never had to drive anywhere and we could just let our hair down, chat and laugh the night away. It was a soul good night. Just what I needed really.

You definitely need to visit here more often lovely lady x


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