#Awesome Day #24: Friends that lift me up


Last week I was reminded that as much as there are those people like the Happiness Thief in my life, there are also people (far more people) in my life that leave me feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world.

The type of people that offer useful advise and lead by example. The kind of people that I really admire, because they have been through hardship and have worked exceptionally hard to get to where they are today. I guess overall it is people that are positive about most things in life, they find a reason to smile each day and that becomes infectious. Over the past year I have made more and more of these friends, the soul good ones. The one’s that fill my energy and refresh my mind.

I have gone through life attracting strange people, people that suck me dry, leave me feeling exhausted, used and abused. People that I gave my all to and in return, they walked away, leaving me questioning. Relationships and friendships alike – they were all the same. They were draining, they were more hard work than they should be and they never left me feeling good. I have done some deep soul searching and praying into this and the results have been amazing.

Now I am not saying that things are always going to be rosey in the friendships that I have right now. We all get days that we are down and moody, days where we just need to offload – and that is ok. Because it is temporary and not a constant need for council. And believe me, I am grateful to have energy fillers in my life that still allow me to moan and groan when I need to, and vice versa.



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  1. The quote speaks volumes. She nailed it. :)
    Good advice as well … no need to invite negativity in one’s life. Thanks for sharing.

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