#Awesome Day #25: Impromptu Dinners

The rebel in me (haha) has always loved impromptu. Yes, there are certain things that need planning but seriously, I cannot handle having to follow a rigid, planned life. While some get restless when they are out of routine I am the exact opposite – routine makes me restless. Guess we all different, and thank goodness for that.

Last night Juanli and Lia popped in and we ended up having dinner and drinks together. Totally unplanned. Totally what I needed. The kids *mostly* played on their own and we *mostly* got to chat, laugh and share stories. I must just add in here that dinner was amazing, even if I say so myself. It was pasta with bacon, onion, garlic, baby marrows and a cheese and mushroom sauce. Heaven for the taste buds.

If you had asked me a couple years ago about Juanli and Fran, I would of advised they lived in 317, and that was it. They were just people that lived in my apartment block. People I greeted in passing but they were nothing more. But now? Oh now, they are so much more than that. They are treasured friends. And their daughter, Lia, is just the sweetest little girl ever. She is totally in love with my boys, and they are totally in love with her too. I love watching the four of them together. Lia has three older brothers whether she likes it or not. They are so protective over her, too sweet. And she is highly intelligent, arty and has a sense of humour already, at age 2.

And I have to share our new bedtime routine… I downloaded ‘Ice Age Village’ on my phone and the boys (ok, and me too) are kind of obsessed with it. So, instead of bedtime stories we check in on the village, click on all the animals, make the pirate ship talk to us and collect money and feed the animals. I love this new routine that has crept in since Monday. And I love that it is something we all do together. I love how excited the boys get when we hatch a baby, or play kung fu scrat. Apparently, bedtime stories are so last century. HaaHaa.


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