#Awesome Day #26: Fitness


I will admit that in winter I find it exceptionally difficult to exercise as my bed seems a whole lot more inviting…. I compensate by watching my diet more in winter than I would in summer. And I am not making excuses here – I own the fact that I slack off in winter.

I was expecting to die on Saturday at the spinathon (based on exercise slow down) but I was pleasantly surprised that my fitness levels are actually way up compared to the last one that I did. Last time, I only did one 45 minute session and I hardly followed the instructor as I couldn’t breathe, haha. This time, I was able to follow the instructor and I was so energised after the first session that I ended up doing another 45 minute session straight afterwards. While I battled at some points I just kept pushing, thinking of the reason behind it. Chanting, ‘Greg, Jed, Zach’ – my pain was nothing compared to what each child faces as they battle cancer. Felt so great to take part and all for a great cause. My friend, Bonita, and the Rainbows and Smiles team did an amazing job at organising this fund raiser – it was a great success as they raised just over R 10,000.00 in four hours. I love the support that people offer, the fact that they care enough to make a difference touches my heart so deep.

On a side note: Last night the boys and I were driving home from cell group and the topic of heaven came up. So we were chatting about it and I explained what I know and then we marvelled at the beauty that awaits. Then they realised that they would see Greg again, and they got excited – I love how much they love and miss him. They also wished that Greg could come down from heaven to play with Sean (his little brother) for a while. Bless their little hearts.


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