#Awesome Day #28: My **second** best friend

I was at a dead end of what to blog today and then I got a second call from my second best friend – see that clever play on words right there?

Meet Andrew:

Otherwise knows as Digity Dawg. This razzle dazzle dude rocks my world and truly is just an amazing friend and soul-mate, yes I think our souls are connected – like that! BOOYAH!

No matter what Andrew faces in life he brings a smile to my dial – dialy. While we don’t see each other as often as we should we speak every single day. Sometimes more than once. There are many things that I absolutely love and adore about Andrew – the main thing is his honesty. If ever I am faced with a situation and I need the down right plain and simple truth I  know that I can turn to my bestie… well the second one anyway. HaaHaa. You called it digity. I know that I can trust him with anything and even when he knows the truth will hurt, he tells me anyway and that makes me respecct him more than anything. We have walked a long (sometimes crazy) road together and there are so many memories that I often look back on. I look forward to walking with you for many more years and making many more soul good memories.

Andrew: thank you for the many years of friendship that we have shared and thanks for the years that are still to come. Thanks for believeing in our friendship and fighting for it at all costs. Thanks for always being there for me when I need you. Thanks for just being you. Just being awesome.


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