#Awesome Day #29: Serving Hearts

My boys, all three of them, have serving hearts, and this makes me one proud Mamma. Pretty darn awesome fact right there. They are always willing to help when I am doing service at Church and they thrive on delegation and the responsibility that follows. Dylan has been like that from a very young age, always wanting to be involved, always lending a helping hand. Jason and Grant, well not so much. They have learnt this from big brother and only recently have they begun to love being involved. On Saturday we had a ladies breakfast at Church and they were so eager beaver – love it. They will be pro table setters by the time they grow up a little. And then yesterday we helped out at a fundraiser and my boys were allocated to water point one, as the water boys. They had to hand out little water sachets and they were so over eager that people ended up just taking the water to please them – HaaHaa. It was so sweet. They certainly serve with a smile.

Confession time: Obviously with me being a single mom the boys come everywhere with me, that means that they come to Church every Sunday, home group every Tuesday, storming the gates every Wednesday and when there are other Church functions, they tag along. Now, I don’t think it is a bad thing as they are learning, and they love learning as much as they love serving. There are days when I just don’t feel like going to Church, home group or storming the gates and those are the days where they motivate me and push me to go. Those are also the days when I mostly get a whole lot of value out, despite really not wanting to go. Thanks for that my boys. you rock my world.

Now my confession is this – that while they come with me to all these things, and I certainly speak to them about my beliefs – I don’t enforce it on them. I pray with them and over them but if they don’t want to pray at night, or at dinner time, then that is fine. If they would rather read Dr Seuss than The Bible, then I allow it. If they would rather watch Monsters, Inc. instead of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat I let them.

Does that make me a bad parent? I sure hope not. And I know that ultimately God knows my heart and He blessed me with these boys because He knows that I am the best mother for them. That I can provide for all their earthly needs. That we are a unit in Christ but they still have freedom of choice. While I pray that they will come to Christ, they need to do it out of their own choice, not because it has been forced on them. Oh Lord, I pray that I am raising them right. I pray that they will come to you, as their Father. And I pray that they will continue to be over eager boys with serving hearts.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Patricia says:

    Awesome boys…..must have learned from an awesome Mom!

    1. settoncrew says:

      Thanks so much Patricia :)

  2. Paula Kaye says:

    Of course that does not make you a bad parent! You can have love for Jesus in your heart watching Monsters Inc also.

    1. settoncrew says:

      Thanks Paula – guess I question what I feed into them and how rigid I am (or not), if that makes sense.

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