Storming the Gates: Corporate Prayer

This picture depicts what Storming the Gates symbolises to me. Each Wednesday night our Church hosts dinner and prayer for Lighthouse members. I love that we can come together in the middle of the week, share a delicious home cooked meal, build strong bonds in a community of like minded people and pray into the lives of all involved in Lighthouse to the Nations – and even those who aren’t involved. I never, ever expected to be on this journey but now that I am on it, I never want to leave.

In other news: It has been over a year since I joined Lighthouse to the Nations and while I wasn’t ‘sold’ at the first Sunday meeting I attended, I was at the second. I just walked in and knew so many people from so many different walks of life. It still amazes me, the connections are just there. I love how diverse my Church is, we have people from all cultures, races and backgrounds. I strongly believe God placed me in this Church because they are called to be a healing community and healing is exactly what I need. While the essence of who I am hasn’t really changed, so much has changed since joining the Church, and more importantly since accepting Jesus as my Lord and Saviour.

What I have noticed in my life:

1.    The Bible, God’s Word. The first thing I noticed after I received Christ was that I began to have an inexplicable desire to read the Bible.  Years earlier, when I was still in school, I had tried to read the Bible, but I usually lost interest somewhere in the middle of Genesis. It never made much sense to me, and even though I tried to read it several times, I simply could not grasp it. Suddenly, I began to read the Bible every time I had a chance. Its pages now began to make sense, as the Holy Spirit of God spoke to me, and taught me, through the Word of God.  There is now not a day that goes by that I don’t study God’s Word.  And I found that passages I never could understand, or thought were contradictory, began to make perfect sense. God’s Spirit opened my eyes to His Word.

2. Love. The second thing I noticed was that I had been given a deep love for everyone. This isn’t an “emotional” love, but it’s a love that gives me a deep concern for the mental, physical, and spiritual well-being of others. Enough love that I am willing to sacrifice my time, money, effort, prayers, etc.  for the benefit of others. Enough love to risk being misunderstood and sometimes ostracized to share the Truth of the Life-giving Gospel with others. The love of Christ has shown me that serving others is how we are all supposed to live.

Of course, my love is not perfect — if it was, I’d give EVERYTHING I have, including this computer and the electricity I’m using to bring this message to you.  I’m not there yet, but I’ve seen a sudden and dramatic difference in my attitudes and behaviour towards others. My love for others grows daily.

3. Anger. My uncontrolled anger is a whole lot better than it used to be. In the past I was quick to snap, quick to get aggressive on the road and in life. Since coming to Christ I find my anger a whole lot easier to control. I find that I am more at ease, I have more peace and I realise that it is a whole lot easier to smile and let someone in front of me in the traffic, rather than get angry at them for ‘pushing in’. While this is a work in progress, it has improved so much and therefore is mention worthy.

4. Lust. I didn’t really understand the wrong with this one, but it’s gone now too.

5. There is more, but I know it’s probably boring to hear all this stuff.  But the most dramatic difference of all – one I was not expecting when I prayed that simple little prayer – is my love for God. I am so in love with The King of kings, Lord of lords. My provider, my everything.


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  1. Kerryan Andrews says:

    Immensely proud of you!

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